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Cris Beswick – Innovation Consultant

The Innovation Consultant of choice – Cris Beswick

For some, innovation is simply the way in which the few within a business come up with ideas for new or improved products. For others, innovation results in an organisational transformation which brings competitive advantage. In a world in which every business can access the same technology, manufacture their products in the same factory and market across the same platform, competitive advantage comes not from what you do but from the way that you do it. Embracing innovation is not rocket science but it does involve a cultural transformation, embedding new ways of thinking and acting across the organisation.  It is an approach which innovation consultant Cris Beswick knows well. With a background as a successful entrepreneur, product designer and CEO, Cris is the innovation consultant of choice for organisations which are seeking to rise above the everyday.

It’s time to call The Innovation Consultant…

Calling on an innovation consultant is the important first step in transforming an organisation. But when innovation means becoming exceptional, don’t expect your innovation consultant to come up with a stock answer. Working with the CEO team, an innovation consultant can help with cultural evaluation, with developing an understanding of the steps taken to transform the culture to one which embraces innovation and to come up with a strategic roadmap for that change. For those who are playing with the idea of an innovation strategy an innovation consultant can provide keynote speeches, run workshops or simply act as meeting facilitator.

The role of an Innovation Consultant…

Transforming organisational culture into innovation culture is not always easy and in his role as innovation consultant Cris understands that the path can be difficult, particularly for leadership teams who have to overcome the fear of losing control. However, the reward for success is a more agile, efficient, entrepreneurial organisation which stands above the crowd providing exceptional products, exceptional service and with an exceptional reputation.

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