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Innovation Consultancy

Innovation Consultancy – Creating Better Business Every Time!

Why is it that some businesses always seem to get things right? Their reputation is unassailable, their marketing and service proposition second to none and their product is always just what the public wants. Even on the rare occasions when something goes wrong the organisation reacts in such a way that they emerge from the crisis with their reputation stronger than ever. Scratch below the surface and the chances are that such an organisation has embraced an innovation culture. Once a marketing gimmick, innovation has now emerged as a business critical imperative and those who fail to embrace it are dooming themselves to being left further and further behind.

Taking The Innovation Plunge…

Taking innovation out of the design team and into the organisational culture is a breathless heady plunge into a whole new way of working and thinking. With help from someone skilled in innovation consultancy that plunge can be as exhilarating as it is rewarding. Cris Beswick’s “it’s not rocket science” approach has changed the face of innovation consultancy. Clients have commented on the way in which Cris brings “passion, insight and imagination to his innovation consultancy conversations whilst his “ability to link theory to practice” has resulted in him being invited to participate in leading think tanks.

Let an Innovation Consultancy Guide The Way…

Innovation consultancy means helping organisations to transform their vision, to map out the route towards being exceptional and to engage employees in embracing lean, agile, empowered methodologies. When an organisation embraces the exceptional, innovation flows. Making the most of the knowledge base which an innovation consultancy brings is a fast track route to organisational innovation culture change. With an innovation consultancy guiding the way, that first heady plunge is streamlined into transforming the business into one which leads the field.

If you’re looking to understand, embed or drive innovation in your organisation and you think an innovation consultancy would help then please get in touch with Nikki Beswick to discuss your requirements and check Cris’ availability.



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