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Innovation Strategy and Building Bold Leadership

The importance of developing an Innovation Strategy.

In an increasingly homogenous world, competitive advantage is not driven by the product itself but rather by the way in which the product is delivered. When every smart phone looks alike, factors such as brand loyalty, support, values and ethos come into play, this means creating an excellent innovation strategy to keep ahead. Every individual within an organisation has a responsibility to push the vision, to make the whole stronger than the sum of its parts, to innovate. With innovation no longer the preserve of the few, a strong innovation strategy is required to drive the organisation towards an innovation culture.  Making innovation strategy work requires bold leadership; innovation strategy requires vision, innovation strategy requires action.

Get expert help developing your Innovation Strategy.

Cris Beswick knows at first hand the challenges of creating an innovation strategy and embedding it within organisations. He calls upon his experience as a successful entrepreneur and CEO to guide businesses through the challenges of creating and implementing an innovation strategy. From a quick innovation strategy keynote via innovation strategy workshops to complete development programmes, Cris works with CEOs and leaders to develop a solution which is right for their business. Described variously as bringing “passion, insight and imagination” to his “it’s not rocket science” approach, Cris is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on innovation. When not advising businesses on innovation strategy he shares his expertise with leading educational establishments including Henley Business School and Cranfield University.

Innovation strategy and developing a vision for the future.

Creating an innovation strategy means developing the vision, understanding the changes required to embed that innovation-centric vision within the organisation and producing a strategic roadmap which enables leaders throughout the organisation to implement the change.  For further information on building an innovation strategy and a culture of innovation within your business, from a quick chat to an in depth review; browse the website, have a look at our free downloads and then get in touch with Nikki Beswick to discuss your requirements and check Cris’ availability.



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